Salvation is God's work according to the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God before creation. Jesus was born of a virgin. Jesus the Christ was in every way man and God. Jesus completed his work at the cross by his crucifixion and the shedding of his blood, and by his resurrection from the dead on the third day. His resurrection is that which demonstrated his power and victory over death and the grave. Prior to Jesus' ascension, He said he was going to prepare a place for us, because his father's house had many rooms. Jesus said, "if I go away I will return and take you with me so that wherever I am, you may be with me also". Our works are not motivated by fear because fear has to do with punishment. We in no way earn our salvation or contribute anything to our redemption by the work we do. We are compelled by the love of Christ and so we do the works that we do.



I don’t know just which family came first but one of the first was the Rogers Family.  As they migrated to Shafter they started meeting other Christians in the area.  They met in homes, in the fruit groves and most anywhere there was a place to gather. They often met near a reservoir to have access to water for Baptisms.  As they grew in members they often met in other business facilities.
The first meeting building, of their own as I remember in 1946, was a tin Quonset hut on the north of town on Central Valley Highway across from the railroad tracks.
The building was divided down the middle by an aisle.  Benches were on either side for sitting and a stove right in the middle of the building.  The pulpit was at one end of the building and the door at the other end. They were growing in membership and soon needed a larger building.
They either owned or acquired the property just north of the little building and proceeded to build a fine new building. Again the building was long facing the Central Valley Highway.  There was an aisle down the middle with an aisle on either side of the building.  The pulpit was in front with two rooms behind for classes.  There was no baptistery, so they would go to other towns close by to use their facilities.  For additional classrooms they installed curtains in the back of the meeting room.  They later added a baptistery behind the pulpit between the two classrooms.  They had soon outgrown this facility and needed more room.
They purchased the property at the northwest corner of Lerdo Highway and Beech St.  The present building has undergone numerous changes over the years with add-ons and renovations.  This is where the Family of the Church of Christ meets in Shafter, CA today.